Bersih 2.0 – The Rakyat is united

For weeks, the government was claiming that Bersih Rally will hurt the business.

But we know, it was the government and police that hurt the business community.
The turn a normally busy and business friendly place into a ghost town. This is 1pm in front of Sg. Wang and Lot 10.

Then they sent in the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit). This is right in front of the Chinese Maternity Hospital, Jalan Pudu.

FRU lining up to intimidate the Rakyat.

They looked great… if only they are not positioning themselves as the People’s enemy

Helicopter was actually hovering there for some time.

We moved into the Chinese Maternity Hospital compound hoping the FRU will not charge in.

This fellow citizen was having a bad cramp. Here you can see fellow citizens helping one another.

As more tear gas launched at the Rakyat, they were droves into the Chinese Maternity Hospital compound.

After a long stand-off, some tear gas were launched into the entrance, finally seeing the FRU were just standing their ground, the People moved out from there.

The whole group moved along Jalan Tengkat Tung Shin towards Jalan Raja Chulan.

At the side of Hotel Istana. The People stretch back all the way as far as eyes can see.

After that they continue to march towards Jalan Sultan Ismail and end up outside KLCC.

What I gather is these:
Our Citizens, fellow Malaysians are indeed united. We are united in our love for our country. We are united in our desire for a better Malaysia, hence a better future. The only thing we DO NOT WANT, we DO NOT WANT to be united in their racism. The People who gathered today, braving tear gases, water chemicals, some being arrested… NO ONE CARED about which race are you from.

We are Malaysian, and NOW is OUR TIME.


~ by KF Chan on July 10, 2011.

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