Electrifying DAP Ceramah in SS2

Monday Night, 3rd March 2008.

I was at an electrifying ceramah in SS2. Prominent speakers include Raja Petra Kamarudin, Tony Pua and Fong Po Kuan.

When I reach there around 8.30pm, Cheah Weng Yin has started his speech followed by a few speakers. The 1st highlight of course is RPK. Unfortunately, the moment he steps up on stage, the rain fall. A small number of people were hesitant and started to move away. But when RPK mentioned how our Rakyat during the Bersih March and Hindraf rally had to endured “yellow water chemicals and tear gas”, almost everyone stayed back. In fact, I have never seen so many umbrellas open at the same time at the same locations. Hundreds of them shared by maybe 1000++ people. I was together with most people were half drenched.

Next came Tony Pua to a rousing welcome. I think Chew Mei Fun is going to become “Fried Mee Hoon”. I mean this ex-MP does not even know if the NEP is still in effect or not! After viewing the interview, you will be surprise that Chew Mei Fun is an MP. She don’t remember what Badawi said about whether Malaysia is an Islamic State.

It’s already 11pm and the crowd seems to be getting bigger. I guess they are like me, waiting for Fong Po Kuan. And when she arrived, wow… see for yourself.


These, ladies and gentlemen, are the hope of the people.


~ by KF Chan on March 5, 2008.

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